RGB LED strip lights for color changing ceiling lighting, smart lighting and RGB lightstrips with RGB controller
RGB LED Strip Light
December 30, 2019
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Fresh LED Strip Light
January 4, 2020
COB Tape Light

LED Strip & Tape Light

COB Flexible LED Tape Light

The most innovative LED Strip light for year 2019 was the Chip on board COB Flexible LED Tape Light. Its high-density chips provide a uniform light line without any dot or dark spots. You can now use any diffuser or no diffuser without worrying about the depth of the profile.

These strip lights are easy to install and gives a better lighting effect. The COB strip has CRI >90 so these lights reproduces colors more effectively and produces a higher quality of light output. Higher CRI increases the superior lighting effect and higher performance.

Ideal for interior decoration

Some of the highlights of COB LED Strip lights are as follows:

  • CRI: CRI > 90
  • Color Temp: 3000K, 4000K, 6500K
  • Input Voltage: 24VDC
  • IP Grade: IP20-IP68.
  • Wattages: 15W
  • Light Efficiency: 85 Lumens/watt
  • Lumen Output/meter: 1350 Lumens/meter

Application of COB LED Lights:

  • These Strips can be used for lighting in trade shows, exhibitions, retail displays etc.
  • Lighting designers, architects & interior designers can use these lights into their projects to create infinite lighting solutions for indoor & outdoor lighting.
  • One area of application can also be cabinet or cove lighting

Aluminium Profiles for heat dissipation: Check out over 800+ different types of LED aluminium profiles to suit your specific requirements: https://www.rhealedlinear.com/led-aluminium-profiles/

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About RHEA LED Linear Lighting Solutions:

RHEA LED Linear develops and OEM manufactures high-quality LED Strip Lights, Neon Flex, LED Profiles. Over 1000+ models available with international certifications plus a 5-7-year warranty.

The premium Indoor & Outdoor LED Linear Lighting Systems & solutions product portfolio includes:

  1. LED Strip Light: Premium quality tape light with minimum CRI>90, over 25+ different types of Tape Light.
  2. Neon Flex: With UV and over 10+ different sizes from 4mm to 20 mm of luminous surface
  3. LED Profiles: Made from high-grade aluminum and >800 profiles of different shape & size

RHEA LED Linear guarantees not just High Performance, Latest Technology, Safety and Innovation, but spoils you and your design team to ideate, create and implement thousands of groundbreaking Indoor & Outdoor LED Linear Lighting Solutions. Visit us at: www.rhealedlinear.com