RHEA LED Linear aluminium profile extrusions and LED linear lighting with pendant, surface and recessed mounting accessories. Application of this profile linear lights could be in retail, commercial, hospitality. These lights are ideal option for office conference rooms, heighted atriums in malls and hotels. Can be customised to any length required with dimming options, color temperature ranging from 2700k to 6000k, RGB, RGBW with DMX controllers. These LED profiles come in various wattages & ingress protection of IP22 available in diameter of 250,500,1000,2000,3000,4000,5000MM. Transparent and Opal PC covers/ diffusers with surface mounting accessories help to form uniform lighting. Made available with high-grade aluminium AL6063-T5 and powder coated in silver/black/white finishes. Different types of profiles can be combined with LED strip lights to create infinite architectural and interior lighting solutions. With the advancement of LED technologies, lighting designers, architects & interior designers can use these versatile LED Aluminium ring profiles into their projects to create infinite lighting solutions for indoor & outdoor lighting. Some of the high lights are as follows:



Handrail Lighting, Floor Lighting, Infinite Architectural LED Linear Lighting Applications, Accent Lighting, Aesthetic Lighting, Art Display Lighting, Bar Counter Lighting, Building Façade Lighting, Commercial Lighting, Display Board Lighting, Display window Lighting, Hotel Corridor Lighting, Hotel Lighting, Hotel Room LED cove Lighting, LED Cove Lighting, Night Club Lighting, Pathway Lighting, Restaurant Lighting, Retail display Lighting, Signages Lighting, Spa Lighting, Stage Lighting, Walkway Lighting, Residential Lighting, Bathroom Lighting, Bedroom Lighting, Cabinet Lighting, False Ceiling Lighting, Furniture Lighting, Hand Rail Lighting, Library Lighting, Living Room Lighting, Mirror Lighting, Pelmet Lighting, Shelf Lighting, Staircase Lighting, Under Cabinet Lighting, Wardrobe Lighting, Outdoor & Landscape Lighting, Bridge Lighting, Church Lighting, Deck Lighting, Fountain LED Linear Lighting, Freezer Lighting, Garage LED Lighting, Garden Lighting, LED Landscape Linear Lighting, Outdoor LED Light strips, School Lighting, Swimming Pool Lighting, Resort Lighting, Others


  • LED Magnetic Aluminium Profiles
  • LED Mini Aluminium Profiles
  • LED Flexible Aluminium Profiles
  • LED Bendable Aluminium Profiles
  • LED Wave Aluminium Profiles
  • LED Regular Aluminium Profiles
  • LED Water Proof Aluminium Profiles
  • LED Refrigeration Aluminium Profiles
  • LED Linear Lighting Aluminium Profiles
  • LED Smart Aluminium Profiles
  • LED Ring / Circular Aluminium Profiles
  • LED Customized Aluminium Profiles
  • LED Wardrobe Aluminium Profiles
  • LED Handrail Aluminium Profiles
  • LED Staircase Aluminium Profiles
  • LED Outdoor Aluminium Profiles
  • LED Drywall Aluminium Profiles
  • LED Skirting Aluminium Profiles
  • LED Floor Aluminium Profiles
  • LED Office AluminiumProfiles
  • LED IP65 Aluminium Profiles

  • High Quality Manufacturing
  • Guarantee & Warranty for 5 years
  • Quality Certification
  • Product Certification
  • High Grade LED Aluminium Profile
  • High Quality PMMA Diffuser
  • High Grade Accessories - Encaps, Clips, SS Wires
  • Over 800+ High Grade LED Aluminium Profiles
  • Customization
  • 23 different type of LED Aluminium Profiles
  • 22 different type of LED Strip
  • Over 1000+ varities
  • Specialization in OEM & Project Manufacturing
  • Neon Flex for Swimming Pools
  • Indoor & Outdoor Linear Lighting
  • Premium Quality at Best Prices
  • Smart Lighting
  • Strip Light
  • Primary Illumination
  • Mobile Illumination
  • Flexible and Convenient
  • Direction can be Adjusted
  • Effectively avoid lighting dead angle. which is applied to warehouse and specific needs for mechanical equipment illumination
  • Clips type are concealed inside the Aluminium Profile
  • Overall Design

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