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Top 10 applications of LED Strip lights
January 11, 2020
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September 2, 2020
Circular Linear Lighting

Circular Linear Lighting

How to buy quality LED Aluminium profiles at low price

There are many places from where you can buy quality led aluminium profiles at an excellent price

Good quality at a low price. Aluminium profile sizes from 6-240mm. These eco ranges led aluminium profiles come with end clips, clamps and diffusers. Aluminium profiles are available for all linear lighting indoor and outdoor application. Lighting wholesalers, distributors & retailers can select profiles of their choice and place their orders directly with the factory. The price offered are ex-factory.
Purchase over 100+ eco range led aluminium profiles at:

  • Competitively low price
  • Good quality
  • Ready stock available of some profiles
  • Need 5-7 days to manufacture, deliver huge quantities

Purchase samples of eco range led aluminium profiles before placing bulk quantities. Complete eco range LED aluminium profile kit boxes for promotional activities can be custom made for distributors, traders, lighting wholesalers and retailers. Aluminium profiles help in dissipating heat from the LED strips. The PMMA diffusers and covers on aluminium profiles help in spreading light evenly. Using aluminium profile and diffusers makes it easy to maintain linear lights. It also helps in increasing the lifespan of LED strips.

Hope this explains how to buy quality LED Aluminium profiles at low price

Lighting wholesalers, traders, distributors & retailers worldwide looking to buy eco range led aluminium profiles can purchase online or write to us at sales@est.net.in