Neon flex Swimming pool

Neon flex Swimming pool is used in fountains, swimming pools, water parks, community music fountains, massage centers and garden landscapes. The LED tape is anti-chlorine protected with IP68 and can be submerged inside the water up to 2metres. The light is top view and size can be customized.

NEON FLEX swimming pool lights for underwater applications. Seamless lighting system in rolls of 5 and 10meters. The light output is high with 100lumens per meter. Chlorine test for NEON FLEX lights is also done along side quality test, under water, and salt-water testing. IP68 rated in 2700k, 3000k, 4000k, 5000k and 6500k. PVC profile is used on the surface and NEON FLEX are fixed on to the profile. The standard length of PVC profile is 1 and 2meters. IP68 gel front, bottom and side connectors can be provided to make the lights look seamless.

Designers delight to achieve seamless lighting under water is possible with NEON Flex lights. Explore and exploit infinite patterns, shapes and sizes. Can be installed in temperatures -25 degree up to 50 degrees. LED Neon Flex Strip Lighting solutions bring back the looks of real NEON lighting with a great amount of flexibility but minus the dangers and hassles associated with NEON Lights. i.e Dangerous gases, fragile glass tubes, high voltage transformers, the safety of workers The best part is the freedom for lighting designer and architects to create infinite architectural LED lighting solutions Unquote The LED Neon Flexi Strip Lights are flexible and can be installed indoor, outdoors, water bodies and swimming pools. As it’s flexible on top or sides it can be installed in the edges of buildings or any contours. The sheer amounts of options available today are mind boggling and the advantages of LED Flexi Neon strip Lighting Solutions offer infinite design options for landscape, facade & lighting designers.

Some of the key distinguishing properties. The widest range of LED neon flex lighting eg: sizes: Available from very slimline, 4 mm to 50 mm width The Color: Single color: Red, Green, Blue, Warm White or Cool White to multiple colors (RGB, RGBW, RGBWWW) Dimming: Dimmable to DXM able, IP Grade: IP 22 to IP68 & specially treated for swimming pool View: Side & Top View Low voltage 12V/24V Encapsulation with PVC or high-grade Silicon version UV coated to withstand extreme temperature The self-cleaning property longer lifespans low energy consumption zero maintenance, easily transportable cut to any size Incredibly straight forward installation with minimum DIY knowledge The LED Flexi Neon Lighting is suitable for a diverse range of architectural lighting solutions both Indoor, Outdoor and swimming pool applications.