LED NEON Flexi Lighting Solutions It’s a state-of-the-art LED Neon lighting product that simulates the effect and looks of Neon and offers the best-LED Neon Flexi Strip Lighting solutions As one of the top Architect and Lighting Designer puts it: Quote The latest range of LED neon flex is a truly innovative, contemporary and versatile alternative to traditional glass neon and offers amazing options for LED Flexi Neon strip lighting solution LED Neon Flex Strip Lighting solutions bring back the looks of real NEON lighting with a great amount of flexibility but minus the dangers and hassles associated with NEON Lights. i.e Dangerous gases, fragile glass tubes, high voltage transformers, the safety of workers The best part is the freedom for lighting designer and architects to create infinite architectural LED lighting solutions Unquote The LED Neon Flexi Strip Lights are flexible and can be installed indoor, outdoors, water bodies and swimming pools. As it’s flexible on top or sides it can be installed in the edges of buildings or any contours. The sheer amounts of options available today are mindboggling and the advantages of LED Flexi Neon strip Lighting Solutions offer infinite design options for landscape, facade & lighting designers. Some of the key distinguishing properties. The widest range of LED neon flex lighting eg: sizes: Available from very slimline, 4 mm to 50 mm width The Color: Single color: Red, Green, Blue, Warm White or Cool White to multiple colors (RGB, RGBW, RGBWWW) Dimming: Dimmable to DXM able, IP Grade: IP 22 to IP68 & specially treated for swimming pool View: Side & Top View Low voltage 12V/24V Encapsulation with PVC or high-grade Silicon version UV coated to withstand extreme temperature The self-cleaning property longer lifespans low energy consumption zero maintenance, easily transportable cut to any size Incredibly straight forward installation with minimum DIY knowledge The LED Flexi Neon Lighting is suitable for a diverse range of architectural lighting solutions both Indoor, Outdoor and swimming pool applications. From static and dynamic designed facades to retail outlets in the UK

CRI > 90+
Ra 94+ also available
Color Temp:
2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 6000K, RGB
Input Voltage:
IP Grade:
8W, 10W, 14.4W, 15W
Light Efficiency:
90-100 lumens/watt
Aluminium Profiles for heat dissipation: Check out over 800+ different types of LED aluminium profiles to suit your specific requirements: