3D bendable IP67 flexible dot free and perfectly homogeneous linear LED light line with a 18 mm x 17 mm / 0.71" x 0.67" (W x H) cross section. Opal polyurethane encapsulation offering a premium water proof sealing, UV resistance, chemical stability against urban gazes and protection against abrasion. True Color technology for an optimal rendition of the LED spectrum (minimal color shift). Vertical and horizontal bending as well as twisting, with radius of 150 mm (5.9") offering the ideal solution for any indoor/outdoor organic facade geometry. Usable for accent lighting or decorative applications requiring IP67 ingress. Freely configurable in length. Backside cable feed for an optimal fixture to fixture overlap. 110 mm (4.33") long cable at both end of the luminaire with IP67 male/female connectors. Light source assembled using state of the art automated Reel to Reel (R2R) production process supporting LED Linear™ Tj Away® thin flexible circuit board technology. In combination with CSP LED packages an optimal heat dissipation (junction to installation surface) is achieved which guarantees an outstanding lifetime of > 60,000 hrs L80/B10. Embeds high quality CSP LEDs with 3 step MacAdams (SDCM3) binning centered on target CCT (One Bin Only) with an extended photometric code of Wxxx/339 ensuring an exceptional color consistency over the rated lifetime. Premium color rendition with a CRI of 95 ensuring a excellent light quality. Consistent light intensity all along the strip length is obtained thanks to active current regulation operated by dedicated integrated circuits (ICs) on each step. Protected against electrostatic discharge +/– 2,000 V and polarity miswiring. Fully PWM dimmable for frequency > 0 Hz up to 2 kHz (flicker free for frequency higher then 1.2 kHz according to IEEE P1789 standard). Engineered and produced in Germany.
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row 2, cell 1 row 2, cell 2 row 2, cell 3 row 2, cell 4
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row 4, cell 1 row 4, cell 2 row 4, cell 3 row 4, cell 4