High CRI strip light for kitchen lighting, LED under cabinet lighting and cupboard lighting with superior lighting effect
High CRI Strip Light
December 18, 2019
Full Spectrum LED Tape Light
Full Spectrum LED Strip Light
December 19, 2019
Flexible wall washer strip for city landscapes, luxury lighting, high-end profile lighting and office lighting design

Flexible wall washer strip for city landscapes and luxury lighting

Flexible wall washer strip

Flexible wall washer strip for city landscapes, luxury lighting, high-end profile lighting and office lighting design. Customized low wattage wall grazers with IP22 & IP67 rating is also an option. Power and fixing accessories to form uniform lighting. With so many different styles to choose from, there’s sure to be a wall washer that’s perfect for your needs.

With its soft and bendable design, it can be easily mounted onto any curved surface. This also makes it ideal for illuminating buildings or walls in outdoor areas. Plus, our wall washer strips come with various quality certifications, ensuring the best quality and performance. So if you’re in need of a reliable and efficient lighting solution, look no further than our flexi wall washer.

Flexi wall washers are also ideal for government lighting projects, city landscapes, office lighting design and subways. Other applications also include building exterior walls and landmarks. With an illumination distance of 1~10 meters, Flexi wall washers provide dramatic flood lighting that is sure to impress.

RHEA LED Linear produces a variety of wall washer LED strip & tape lights with high color rendering index CRI -Ra94+. With over 9 types & 100+ variations, we accurately produce strip lights that illuminates objects’ true colors. Hotels, Spas & high-end homes use lights with High CRI on a regular basis.

These strips are also available with stainless steel clips or profiles for seamless installation. They are available in symmetric and asymmetric optics to suit any lighting needs. Also, they are available with a semi circular or square PC cover to evenly distribute light. They come in wattages of 9W/18W/19.2W per meter.
A wall washer is the ultimate solution for luxury lighting and high-end profile lighting. They uplift the exterior outlook by highlighting the textures of the wall. Wall washer lighting makes the room appear more significant and appealing. You can find these types of lighting in museums, art galleries, or at entrances of buildings. Our wall washer strips are available in color temperatures of 1800K- 6500K, RGB and RGBW.
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