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  • Full Spectrum LED Strip Light
  • High CRI LED Strip Light
  • Wall Washer LED Tape Light
  • High Density LED Strip Light
  • Fresh Light LED Strip
  • Super Slim Tape Light
  • S Shaped bendable LED Tape Light
  • 3D Bendable LED Strip Light
  • RGB strip Light
  • RGBW Tape Light
  • RGBWWW Tape Light
  • COB Tape Lights
  • Slim Neon Flex
  • LED Neon Flex

  • High Quality Manufacturing
  • Guarantee & Warranty for 5 years
  • Quality Certification
  • Product Certification
  • High CRI
  • IES Files
  • LM79/80 Reports
  • 1 Binning
  • Customization
  • 22 different type of LED Strip
  • Over 1000+ varieties
  • Post Production Test Reports
  • OEM manufacturing
  • Long Life & Low Maintenance
  • Flexible
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Over 800+ High Grade LED Aluminium Profiles
  • 23 different type of LED Aluminium Profiles
  • Neon Flex for Swimming Pools
  • Indoor & Outdoor Linear Lighting
  • Premium Quality at Best Prices

  • Cove Lighting
  • LED Aluminium Profile
  • LED Cove Lighting
  • LED Flex
  • LED Flex Neon
  • LED Linear
  • LED Linear Lighting
  • LED Neon Flex
  • LED Neon Lighting
  • LED Strip
  • LED Tape Light
  • Linear LED Lighting
  • Linear Lighting
  • Neon Flex
  • Neon Lighting
  • RGB Strip Light
  • Smart Lighting
  • Strip Light
  • LED strip lights have completed the disruptive innovation in the Lighting Industry. This is also called smart lighting

    The traditional tube light has disappeared, traditional lamps affect human health, carry toxic gas, flicker, takes time to start and produce heat and Co2, while Strip lights are RoHS compliant, emits less heat, non-flickering, help in reducing Co2 and provide infinite lighting solutions

    LED Strip lights are now the primary lighting source for Lighting Designers, Architects & Interior Designers. With over 25+ broad category of LED Strips, 1000+ options of wattage, size, color temperature, beam angles, CRI, lens, lumens package, and over 850+ sizes and shapes of LED aluminum profile available the designer can now create infinite LED linear lighting design, the only limitation being their imagination, popular, affordable and easily installable, consume less power and emit better light, directional light of 8 to 180-degree results in consuming lesser wattage.

    Architects & Lighting designers are today using the LED Strip lights for smart lighting, cove light, hotel rooms, lobby, public areas, LED Linear lighting, architectural linear lighting, arc lighting, outdoor linear lighting, indoor linear lighting, swimming pool,  and numerous applications.

    Standard length is 5mtrs and can be customized. RHEA LED linear provides ultra-long strip lights of 10mtrs. Wattages vary from 2.4W up to 30W/mtr in single rows or multiple rows. LEDs used in the strips are SMD 2835, 3528, 2216, 3014, 5050. LEDs per meter vary from 60 to 490 LEDs per meter.

    Color temperature options with LEDs are numerous. Color temperature as low as 2400K Warm White to 6500K cool white, RGB, RGBW. There are also options of tuneable LEDs to change CCT from 2700K to 6500K kelvin.

    Color rendering is an important factor with LED lights. Traditional lamps CRI is below 70. RHEA LED linear strip lights standard CRI is above 90. CRI above 85 usually is preferred for high-end projects, restaurants and star hotels.

    RHEA LED linear strip lights:

    • Full Spectrum CRI is above 97. Reduces strain to the eyes and helps in adding productivity at the workplace. These LED strips portrait true color, reduces glare, highlight the beauty of the building, structure, and interiors. The lumens per meter is 90 to 100
    • High density LED strip lights LEDs ranging from 112 to 490 LEDs per meter with SMD2216. Wattages of strips are 7.7W, 12W, 16W, 19.2W and 23W. It provides uniformity of lighting. Often used in led linear light fixtures. https://www.rhealedlinear.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/RHEA-LED-Linear-High-Density-2019v.1-1.pdf
    • Freezer (Fresh) LED strips are used in retail supermarkets to keep dairy, poultry, bread, vegetables and fish fresh. Color temperature for different areas differ. Warm white for bread, light pink for meat. Bright blue and white in chilled cabinets, restaurants and seafood shops.
    • Neon Flex Strip: Polyurethane encapsulated LED strips known as NEON Flex come with light emitting from the top, side and 3 sides. A smaller size is also an option. RHEA NEON Flex can be used underwater. https://www.rhealedlinear.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/RHEA-LED-Linear-Neon-Side-View-2019v.1.pdf
    • Wall washer LED strips IP67 is with 30degree and asymmetric 10X30 degree lens. Wall washer LED strips is 20MM in width and 9MM in height with 18W/mtr which is the thinnest wall washer light.
    • Economic LED strips, IP20 is used in cabinet lighting, wardrobes, kitchen lights, cove areas et al. LED strips are easy to install connected to a remote controller. RGB LED strips also have connectors and can be connected to a power supply and DMX controller

    Color temperature varies from place to place. The color temperature required in guest rooms may not the same that in work stations. Schools and hospitals require a standard color temperature. Color temperature varies from place to place. The color temperature required in guest rooms is 2700K. CCT requirement in the work station is 4000K and hospitals require 6500K.

    The high efficiency LED strips output above 200lm/W. Lighting designers require high-efficiency light to highlight a wall feature or graze the wall in historical monuments. Recessed lights and surface mounted in double-height roofs prefer high efficiency LED strips.

    LED strip lights is used in hotel lobbies, cove areas, guest rooms, banquet hall, skirtings, deck area, restaurants, bars, swimming pools and highlighting building facades. The LED strip is used in hotel lobbies, cove areas, guest rooms, banquet hall, skirtings, deck area, restaurants, bars, swimming pools and highlighting building facades. Work stations with high efficiency and CRI above 97+ help in increasing productivity and reducing stress, glare and strain.

    With a warranty from 5 to 7years, we offer the best-LED strip lights. Call us or connect with us to know more.