July 30, 2019
Wardrobe aluminium extrusion for kitchen cabinet lighting, closet lights, display cabinets and premium wardrobe lighting
Wardrobe LED Linear Lighting & Solutions
November 15, 2019
Linear magnetic light for under cabinet lighting, shelf lighting, office linear lighting and luxury kitchen lighting

Linear magnetic light for under cabinet lighting and shelf lighting

Linear magnetic light

Linear magnetic light for under cabinet lighting, shelf lighting, office linear lighting and luxury kitchen lighting. It’s a unique magnetic lighting system that creates a lighting relationship between architecture and space. This offers new creative opportunities for integrating light in a space. It also has a fantastic impact on the ambiance of the interior.

These profiles are small, lightweight and easy to move which helps the user to adjust the direction easily. Lighting designers, architects & interior designers can use these versatile magnetic LED linear lighting fixtures into their projects to create infinite lighting solutions. These LED lighting profiles can fit in a variety of locations, from cabinets and ceilings to stairs and walls. Secondly, they look great but also offer a number of benefits, including protection for your LEDs from dust and humidity.

Cabinet lighting is a functional interior element that is often overlooked in kitchens, closets and cabinets. Cabinet lighting will not only give a modern feel but also light up dark spaces. Also, magnetic profiles can be cut into small sizes to fit in cabinets. With the integration of LED strips, these profiles can certainly light up cabinets or any storage space. There are many types of profiles available in a multitude of length, depth and angle. But it is important to choose a profile that will serve the purpose one would like to achieve.

These are sleek and professional lighting solutions and are the perfect option for any interior. With its slim design and easy installation, it’s also ideal for kitchen lighting, living rooms, smart lighting and hotel lobbies. Plus, multiple profiles create various shapes and makes it a great way to add some personality and style to your space.

Magnetic profile lights are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. These small, lightweight profiles can be applicable for luxury kitchen lighting or any other interior lighting use and are perfect for residential or commercial applications. Plus, with the integration of a dimming system, you can easily reduce the brightness and energy consumption of the light source. So if you’re looking for an innovative way to light up your space, then magnetic profile lights are the way to go.
Over 27 models of different sizes & shapes could be used in wardrobes, under cabinet, shelf lighting, drawers and office linear lighting and luxury kitchen lighting. We offer aluminum profile extrusions with LED strip light of various wattages & ingress protection of IP20 available in lengths of 0.5-3M. Transparent and Opal PC covers/ diffusers with 90°, straight and rotational connectors to form uniform lighting. Made available with high-grade aluminum AL6063-T5 and powder coated in silver/black/white finishes.
The LEDs used in the strip lights for magnetic profiles are of SMD 2835 and come with 156 LEDs/m. The wattage of these LED strips is 14.4W/mtr with standard length in 5mtrs with an option to customize as well. Also, one can select from a range of transparent, opal or frost diffusers to get the desired lighting effect for any lighting space. These profiles are made of high grade aluminium. Even without adding extra finishing aluminum looks nice. Besides, the anodization process does not affect the appearance. These fixtures are convenient to install and can be applicable for a variety of indoor lighting applications like furniture lighting and shelf lighting.
The magnets and clips are not visible after installation. Also interconnecting multiple profiles can help achieve various lengths. Using steel wires can also help suspend magnetic profiles. A suspended profile is great for pendant lighting and can give a beautiful look to any decor. Eventually these profiles will become a major factor in architectural lighting. Overall, a perfect lighting solution to any lighting project. These profiles will surely set high standards for profile lighting.
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