July 30, 2019
Application image for Wardrobe lighting
November 15, 2019
Magnetic LED profiles, easy to use, light weight, stunning Interiors

Magnetic LED Linear Lighting


A unique magnetic lighting system that creates a lighting relationship between architecture and space. This offers new creative opportunities for integrating light in a space. It also has a fantastic impact on the ambiance of the interior.

These profiles are small, light weight and easy to move which helps the user to adjust the direction easily. Lighting designers, architects & interior designers can use these versatile magnetic LED linear lighting fixtures into their projects to create infinite lighting solutions.

Over 27 models of different sizes & shapes could be used in wardrobes, under cabinet, cabinet, drawers, shelves. We offer aluminum profile extrusions with LED strip light of various wattages & ingress protection of IP20 available in lengths of 0.5-3M. Transparent and Opal PC covers/ diffusers with 90°, straight and rotational connectors to form uniform lighting. Made available with high-grade aluminum AL6063-T5 and powder coated in silver/black/white finishes.

The LEDs used in the strip lights for magnetic profiles are of SMD 2835 and comes with 156 LEDs/m. The wattage of these LED strips is 14.4W/mtr with standard length in 5mtrs with an option to customise as well.

Application of this profile/extrusion could be in retail, hospitality, restaurants, commercial, residential and infinite architectural designs.
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About RHEA LED Linear Lighting Solutions:

Develops and OEM manufactures high quality LED Linear Lighting Systems for sophisticated interior and exterior lighting. The product portfolio includes array of low and high power superior LEDs. The LED Profiles or extrusion channels used with these LEDs are of high grade aluminium (750+ profiles available).
RHEA LED Linear guarantees not just High Performance, Latest Technology, Safety and Innovation, but spoils you and your design team to ideate, create and implement thousands of ground breaking Indoor & Outdoor LED Linear Lighting Solutions
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