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LED Strip Light applications

LED Strip Lights

An LED strip lights (also known as an LED tape, strip light, Strip lights, led strip, ribbon light & smart lighting) is a flexible circuit board populated by surface mounted light-emitting diodes (SMD LEDs) and other components that usually comes with an adhesive backing.

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The traditional tube light has disappeared, traditional lamps affect human health, carry toxic gas, flicker, takes time to start and produce heat and Co2, while LED lights are RoHS compliant, emits less heat, non-flickering, help in reducing Co2 and provide infinite lighting solutions.

LED Strip lights are now the primary lighting source for Lighting Designers, Architects & Interior Designers. It offers a broad category of LED strips, with 1000+ options of wattage, size, color temperature, beam angles, CRI, lumens etc. Therefore, known as one of the smart lightings.

The strip light is so versatile and DIY, the strip led can be stuck on the aluminum profile to any custom size and connected to a led driver. This entire unit can be fixed anywhere with a simple clamp and screw.

Architects & Lighting designers are today using the LED Strip lights for smart lighting, cove light, hotel room, bedroom, kitchen, lobby, public areas, LED Linear lighting, architectural linear lighting, arc lighting, outdoor lighting, indoor lighting, landscape and garden lighting, swimming pool,  the applications are infinite

The top 10 applications for LED Strip Lights are as follows:

  1. Superior Lighting effect & Higher performance:

A high CRI LED strip light reproduces colors more effectively and produces a higher quality of light output. These strip lights also reveal the objects’ true color.

  1. Safety:

Lighting plays an important role in the safety of the citizens. LED lights can be used for path lighting in dark areas to prevent injury. A high lumens LED strip light can be used to light up pathways or tunnels. Strip lights are also used to detect motion for security purposes.

  1. Home Interiors:

LED lights have infinite applications when it comes to interior décor. One can use these lights to light up wardrobe, cabinet, drawers, kitchen or living space. Wardrobe lighting is a must in every home especially for modern and fashion-conscious men & women. It provides clear visibility and adds a visual appeal to the interiors. This well-focused task lighting with high CRI helps select suitable attire for the right occasions. LED lights in wardrobes not only help in lighting it but also help in finding apparel, jewelry or accessories that one is looking for.
LED lights also allow the user to use different colors to light up the wardrobe and create lighting effects. Lighting also helps in improving the appeal of a wardrobe and allows the user to arrange clothes/accessories in a proper manner.

  1. led outdoor lighting:

LED tape lights are also used to create landscape lighting to draw the attention of the viewer. These lights are also used for cove lighting which gently illuminates the space and significantly enhances the beauty of the room. It is used predominantly in highlighting exteriors building facades, accent lighting, grazing, media facades, orientation & signage, gardens, landscape, deck, swimming pools, bridge lighting etc. There are buildings that have been completely lit up using LED lights which include color changing LEDs. Top and side bendable Neon LED strips can be installed in the edges of buildings or any contours.

  1. Malls, theater, retail outlets:

LED Lighting is widely used in malls, theaters, and retail outlets to create ambient lighting and to attract visitors. Retail outlets use LED tape lights to display products, which provide clear visibility and adds a visual appeal to the interiors. Lighting plays an important role in showrooms or retail outlets as they help set the mood. High CRI LED strips are used in retail supermarkets to keep dairy, poultry, bread, vegetables and fish fresh. Color temperature for different areas differs.
Warm white for bread, light pink for meat. Bright blue and white in chilled cabinets, restaurants and seafood shops. RGB LED strips help to set the mood and can be controlled by a controller. Pathways and interiors of a theater need different lighting and LED strip lights play an important role.

  1. Lighting in vehicles, boats, electronic devices – Decorative Purpose:

LED strip lights are flexible which makes it easy for the user to install them anywhere. These can be installed on a vehicles’ dashboard, floorboard and also beneath the vehicle. A lot of high-end bikes have customized LED lighting which enhances the beauty of it.
Strip lights are flexible and can be cut into desired lengths, which are then used to light up workstations, CPU, etc. Today, CPU’s come with LED lights which add to its beauty.

  1. Hotel, spa & specialty restaurants :

LED strip lights is used in hotel lobbies, cove areas, guest rooms, banquet hall, skirtings, deck area, restaurants, swimming pools and highlighting building facades. We are often fascinated by the ambiance of a hotel and lighting plays a vital role. The rooms will have a wide range of lighting options to suit the needs of the guests. Dimmable and non – dimmable LED strips are used to light up the rooms.
These strips are embedded into LED profiles which come in different shapes and sizes to suit the user’s need. The cabinets are well lit and it’s easier to find what we are looking for.

  1. Aquariums, Lighting shows, concerts:

LED tape lights with IP65 or IP67 protection are often used to light up aquariums. These waterproof lights can also be used in swimming pools or fountains to give underwater lighting effects.  Some countries also have lighting show at night and use LED lights to create beautiful effects. The RGB strip light is used to create light patterns by changing color.
Stage lighting is a very critical part of any concert. LED strips can be very well incorporated to suit the lighting needs based on the type of concert.

  1. Handrail & Stair lighting:

It is always good to light up handrails and stairs properly as they not only give a modern look to the interiors/ exteriors but also provides safety. Motion detecting strip lights can be used to light up stairways. Tape lights can be embedded into LED Linear profiles which are designed to fit handrails.

  1. LED Lighting in bags, shoes, etc:

Since LED strips are flexible they can be installed anywhere to create the desired lighting effect. We often come across products with attractive lighting.  Kids tend to find these products more attractive. These tape/strip lights can be cut into the required size and installed in various kinds of products like bags, shoes, apparels, etc.

The applications of LED strip lights are much more and depend on how we decide to use them. To summarize, these lights can be used for architectural projects, home interiors, cabinet lighting, hotel lighting, outdoor landscape lighting, underwater lighting, lighting in vehicles, handrails, stairways, concerts, retail outlets, furniture lighting and much more.

About RHEA LED Linear Lighting Solutions:

RHEA LED Linear develops and OEM manufactures high-quality LED Strip Lights, Neon Flex, LED Profiles. Over 1000+ models are available with international certifications plus a 5-7-year warranty.

The premium Indoor & Outdoor LED Linear Lighting Systems & solutions product portfolio includes:

  1. LED Strip Light: Premium quality tape light with minimum CRI>90, over 25+ different types of Tape Light.
  2. Neon Flex: With UV and over 10+ different sizes from 4mm to 20 mm of the luminous surface
  3. LED Profiles: Made from high-grade aluminum and >800 profiles of different shape & size

RHEA LED Linear guarantees not just High Performance, Latest Technology, Safety, and Innovation, but spoils you and your design team to ideate, create and implement thousands of groundbreaking Indoor & Outdoor LED Linear Lighting Solutions.