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That huge wall you have in your room might have you feeling intimidated and not knowing how to decorate it so it doesn’t look empty. However, you definitely shouldn’t be scared, as there are tons of ways to decorate your large wall that are both easy to do and look just as good. You can really get creative with some of these ideas and let your imagination flow, or you can just pick a simpler solution and get the job done anyway. No matter what it is that you are looking for, we surely do have the perfect solution for you. Here are our favorite ways to decorate a large wall and add to the appeal of your room while you’re at it.

1. Add a mirror

Adding a mirror can really make your entire room feel bigger, and not only does it add to the space, but mirrors are a good way to cover a large wall with a natural flow. Mirrors look good regardless of the style of your home, and you won’t have to worry about switching up your décor in the long run. You can also get creative with this idea – add LED lights around your mirror, hang some polaroid photos, or pick an unusually shaped mirror for a real statement piece. The options really are endless with this one.

2. Hang a large painting

If you really do have a lot of space that you want to cover up and make it dramatic while you’re at it – there is no better solution than going big and hanging a large painting that is cohesive with what you already have going on in your room. Depending on your preferences and taste, you can easily find beautiful large paintings that will easily fit into the style of your home, and this can become the statement piece in your home that everyone compliments when they come to visit.

3. Play with colors

Add colors to your wall that already exist in your room, or if you don’t really have anything colorful going on – make it happen! Create different kinds of shapes and patterns with different colors with easy painting techniques and a little bit of tape, and let your imagination go wild with this one because you are the artist. Make sure that everything is cohesive, and that the colors you are adding already match the style and existing décor in your room, and most importantly: make sure to have fun with it.

4. Hang some fabric

Tapestry and rugs hung on your wall can really be the easy solution you need. I personally love this one because it fits so many different styles and tastes yet looks so gorgeous when executed well. Not only is this one extremely easy to do, but there are so many fabrics to choose from in many different sizes, so you can personalize this touch to your room in every possible way. You can even choose to have something custom made to make sure it fits perfectly into your room.

5. Create a gallery wall

While gallery walls are stunning, they do require effort and money. You need to buy frames, then sit down and put your photos in the frames. Then you need to find the best way to hang them, make sure every piece is parallel with the other, and that the space between the walls and frames are the same on both sides, etc. This one really does require a lot of attention and a careful approach, but when executed correctly – it can truly look gorgeous. I believe that this solution to decorating your large wall is definitely worth the effort.

6. Paint your own paintings

If you are a painter, why not hang your own art on your large wall? Adding your own art can really make the entire experience personal, and hanging pieces that you are really proud of can be the perfect decoration for your large wall. If you aren’t the best artist in the world but still want to contribute something personal to your wall, maybe try abstract or minimalist painting that is easy for beginners as well. This type of art can easily fit into your décor and you get to choose every single detail that goes into it.

7.  Make a mural

If you want to take painting to another level and really create a statement piece in your room, maybe go for the option of painting a mural or having a professional artist paint it for you. In my personal opinion, murals are gorgeous, and the options are really limitless. Murals can really tie everything together and create a unique space for you to enjoy. Not to mention that this is the perfect way to cover your entire wall and make it look everything but empty.

8. Hang plants

If you have a green thumb and love the idea of having plants in your room, adding them to your large wall can be the gorgeous display you need. Either hang your plants on your wall or install some shelving and display them that way. No matter what it is that you choose to do, you will definitely fill up the space in a gorgeous way and you can even switch it up whenever you want which is another perk of this idea.

9.  Create an accent wall

Wallpaper can be another easy solution that adds flair to your room. You can do this on your own and turn it into a fun DIY project with your family, and there are endless options for wallpaper which makes it extremely easy to find a pattern that fits your room décor perfectly. Your large wall won’t be so empty anymore, and your whole room will feel warmer without having to take up any space from your large wall at all.

10.  Hang your hats

Turn your large wall into some extra storage space that also looks good. If you are a hat collector and don’t really have a designated spot to show them off, take your large wall and turn it into a display for your amazing hat collection. It’s a unique idea that is also useful, and fits into a large number of décor styles. Not to mention that everyone will be able to see how stylish you are as soon as they walk into the room!

11. Create a photo collage

This option is another more personal one if that is the approach you are going for. Gather photographs of you with your family and friends and create a large photo collage on your wall that will be the spot everyone gathers around to look at every once in a while. Putting your favorite people and memories on your large wall can be the perfect way to fill up the space and make the entire room more interesting, while giving it more sentimental value as well.

12.  Floating cabinets…

Floating cabinets can be a gorgeous piece to add to your wall, especially if they are a bit higher from the floor. You can stack your floating cabinets if you need the extra storage, and you can put photo frames, books or other décor items on top of them to tie everything together. You will make use of the extra space to store your items while they cover up your empty large wall altogether. Depending on the size of your wall, you can really get creative with your cabinets.

13.  …or floating shelving

Similar to the floating cabinets option, floating shelving can be just as gorgeous if not even more because you can add décor to them and make the space exactly how you want it. While cabinets might be more efficient storage wise, you can stack your shelves, add lights to them, make them by yourself or purchase shelves to fit into your style. There are so many interesting options when it comes to shelving, not to mention invisible shelves that look stunning in every room.

14. Add a bookshelf

Another idea of adding storage space and making use of your large wall is adding a bookshelf. Finding storage space for your books can be extremely tedious if you don’t have a bookshelf to place them on, so either make one on your own if you are the DIY type, or purchase a finished piece. Either way, a bookshelf is a beautiful way to cover your large wall, add some extra storage that always seems to be needed and tie the space together.

15. Add paneling

If you need something less dramatic for your wall and aren’t interested in getting creative, adding paneling can be just the solution that you need. You have a large selection when it comes to paneling, it’s subtle but can look gorgeous if it ties everything together in your room and adds to the natural flow.

16. Add a map

This one is quite unique, but you can actually get a large personalized map that you can hang on your wall if you love to travel. There are different types for you to purchase, some of the most popular being blank maps where you mark the places you have visited. Not only does this look good, it tells a story and makes it interesting whenever someone pays you a visit.

17. Whiteboard

Especially if you have kids, a whiteboard can be just the thing you need. You can put it to good use and mark chores, important meetings and schedules so you don’t forget them, or simply have it for your kids to enjoy. Large whiteboards can cover your large wall with no problem, and with the multiple uses it can have, it can be just what you need.

18. Large calendar

There are many large, chic calendars for you to purchase, and it can be the perfect unique touch to your large, lifeless wall. Not everyone has a huge calendar in their home, which definitely adds to the drama, but it can be the perfect décor for your wall especially if you don’t have much going on color wise. If your décor style is modern, a large calendar will fit into it perfectly.

19.  Interesting Lighting

If you want to add lighting to your room, the large empty wall is the perfect space for it. Not only will you be able to find extremely interesting wall lights that will become a statement in your home, but they will fill up the space neatly without being too over the top. Not to mention that this is perfect for every décor because you can choose the exact lighting that fits into your style.

20. Mount your tv on the wall

Purchasing a new tv just for the sake of filling up an empty wall doesn’t seem like the most efficient solution, but if you have just bought a tv and don’t know where to put it, maybe try to make it work by mounting it on your large wall. Another alternative is to rearrange your furniture and put your tv on the empty wall, it will definitely fill up the space much better and you won’t have to spend any money on extra décor.


Whatever it is that you are doing, make sure to have fun with it. A large, blank wall is like a huge canvas – and you get to do whatever you want with it. The options are endless and you can be as creative, or as basic as you want. With these interesting ideas, you are bound to find the perfect solution for your large wall, whether it is a DIY project or something simpler than that. Just make sure to have fun with it and don’t worry – everything is better than a large, lifeless wall.

Blog Courtesy: HappyDIYHome