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April 19, 2022






Experience the latest in Neon Flex technology – PU. The Premium Collections showcases the cutting-edge Neon Flex PU – IP68 & IK10. This new technology brings a whole new dimension to lighting design, allowing for fascinating, vibrant displays that will no doubt captivate all who see them.

Neon Flex PU – IP68 & IK10

The Neon Flex PU – IP68 & IK10 provides an intense, even illumination that will transform any space. This technology is the epitome of advanced lighting – proving to be not only visually striking but also incredibly durable. With an IK10 rating, this lighting is walkable, making it a perfect choice for high-traffic areas.

Neon Top Bend Series

The Neon Top Bend series includes the 1010-PU, 1210-PU, and 1516-PU. Each model brings its unique touch, ensuring that there’s a perfect fit for every project. These lights bend at the top, adding a new dimension to your lighting design.


The 1010-PU model is a fantastic choice for those looking to create a more intimate atmosphere. Its smaller size makes it a subtle yet effective lighting solution.


The 1210-PU model is a step up from the 1010-PU, providing a bit more luminosity. Its slightly larger size makes it a versatile option for a range of spaces.


The 1516-PU is the largest of the Neon Top Bend series. With its increased size comes increased brightness, making it a go-to for those looking to make a big impact.

Neon Side Bend

The Neon Side Bend series introduces the 1015 -PU. This lighting solution provides a distinct aesthetic, with its bending on the side. The 1015-PU is a perfect choice for those looking for an unconventional lighting solution that will stand out.