Tea Room / Natura Futura Arquitectura
March 4, 2021
Fire-like lighting system
UMA installs a spectacular fire-like lighting system in a swedish forest
April 29, 2021

Simple in form but complex in substance, “What is Architecture?” remains an existential question for a lot of architecture students and young professionals. In an attempt to define this ever-changing interrogation and expose the different visions out there, the interview seriesWIA – What is architecture? asks four, straightforward, questions to world-leading architectural designers and thinkers. Seeking to uncover their opinion on what architecture is and what it can do, these short videos reveal responses to “What is architecture? What can architecture do? What is your architectural position? and What is your design method?”.

ArchDaily has collaborated with WIA to release every week, 4 of these conversations, and to invite you to take on the challenge and answer these questions. The third article of the series presents the ideas and visions of Yona Friedman, Oana Bogdan, and Leo Van Broeck from Bogdan & Van BroeckMa Yansong from MAD Architects, and Alessandra Cianchetta from AWP Architecture.

Check the second selection, watch the interviews and answer the 4 “simple” questions below. The most compelling responses will be published in a special editorial, at the end of the series of video-articles for “What is Architecture?”

Architecture, buildings without people are ruins.”

Yona Friedman / Vienna, 2018

“Finding the balance between running a business and doing what we actually like: creating a support for life”.

Oana Bogdan, Bogdan & Van Broeck/ Brussels, 2014

“Architects have the tendency to regard it as a solution for problems.”

Leo Van Broeck, Bogdan & Van Broeck/ Brussels, 2014

“Architecture is seamless continued life.”

Ma Yansong, MAD Architects/ Beijing, 2015

“Architecture is what enables human action, it is like a background, something visible and invisible.”

Alessandra Cianchetta, AWP/ Paris, 2016

Filmed as a single shot with minimal editing, the monologues “provide clear and concise information about architecture from the viewpoints of the contemporary protagonists”. Always asking the same questions, the conversations provide an array of ideas that form today’s architectural thinking. Starting off in 2013, the series has accumulated so far 90 different positions, from all over the world including the ideas of Ben van Berkel, Peter Cook, Wolf Prix, Odile Decq, Yona Friedman, Patrik Schumacher, Kjetil Thorsen – Snøhetta, Ma Yansong, and many more.

Blog Courtesy: Christele Harrouk